Establishment of the study program of Informatics Engineering at ITB began with the use of computers under the management of Computer Center, ITB. Backed by the spirit and willingness to grow, formal education on computers began with the opening of Education Program of Computer Utilization Engineer (PAT-JPK) in 1978.

In 1994, the course of Masters of Informatics in Software Engineering was opened. In 1997, a Masters of Informatics for the study program of Real Time Software En- gineering was opened at a relatively young age; this became the first department of Information Science and Technology in state university environment in Indonesia. Until 1995, the department had passed a number of 307 bachelor graduates. While the historical development of the Department of Informatics Engineering, ITB in chronological order, is as follows:

  • 1968 Electrical Data Management
  • 1972 Establishment of COMPUTER CENTER
  • 1976 Delegation of prospective faculty members to France, and the preparation

    of curriculum

  • 1978 Establishment of Education Program of Computer Utilization Engineer


  • 1982 Opening of Department of Informatics Engineering (Bachelor Degree Pro-


  • 1986 Graduation of the first nine graduates of Department of Informatics En-


  • 1994 Opening of the Master Program in Software Engineering
  • 1997 Opening of the Master Program in Real-Time Software Engineering


The first Informatics courses were offered in 1982, at the same time the Informatics program was founded under the Department of Informatics, within the Faculty of Industrial Technology. This also marks the first program in Informatics offered by a higher education institution in Indonesia. Since the beginning, Informatics program immediately became one of the most popular programs and attracted talented prospective students in the country, making the program admission highly competitive.

The first commencement from Informatics program produced nine graduates in 1986. Until now, it has produced a total of 1550 Bachelors. Informatics graduates worked all over the country and even many of them worked overseas around the world.

Since January 2006, the Department of Informatics and the Department of Electrical Engineering were consolidated into the School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics (SEEI). Accordingly, the informatics program is directly managed, in terms of its resources, by SEEI. The day-to-day operational of the program is conducted by the program chair.

The curriculum of informatics program underwent major review every five-year cycle. In 2007, SEEI initiated Informatics program review (based on curriculum year 2003) for its compliance with ABET accreditation requirement. As a result, the student learning outcomes of Informatics program in curriculum year 2008 were totally revised to align with ABET-CAC requirement. The curriculum was also restructured accordingly to comply with the new management stated mission (from Department to School) and with the revised curriculum policy from ITB. Preparation for curriculum year 2013 has begun since early 2012. The informatics’ program educational objectives was re-visited and re-confirmed that it remained relevant. The needs for multi-platform development as well as computer security skills have been identified and the curriculum is being revised to meet these needs.

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