JASSO Internship Program June - July 2015

Application Deadline March 21st, 2015

Support Condition

Schedule restrictions;

  • After June 2015 to Mar 2016.
  • Upto 48 days duration.

Supporting 80,000 JPY/month.

Flight tickets NOT supported.

Fee not required for Undergrad students.

  • For graduate students, fee/29,700 JPY/month required.
  • Fee waived if applicants are from universities with waiver agreement with JAIST.

Accommodation should be arranged by your host faculty at JAIST.

  • JAIST student housing (25,000 JPY/month) available if there is vacancy (inquiry should be made to administration by each faculty.

Participants restrictions;

  • Total eleven students will be selected within IS.
  • There is JASSO screening based on submitted transcripts (Last year a couple of students cannot clear it).
  • Priority is put to those who consider the entrance to JAIST, possibility to join JAIST.

How To Apply

  1. Look through the list of available research theme to find appropriate host faculty in JAIST.
  2. Send your ‘CV’, ‘Transcript’, and ‘Statement of Purpose’ to your target faculty directly.
  3. Prepare required documents doc1x, doc21, doc3x, doc4x, doc61 and doc62, consulting with your host faculty. Send doc4x to ayu@stei.itb.ac.id to be processed further by the deadline of 20 March, 07.00 WIB.
  4. Submit them to the host faculty (cc ayu@stei.itb.ac.id). The host faculty should submit it to Prof. Hiroyuki Iida (the dean) by the deadline (21 March./Sat).
  5. Then you are on the selection track. Selection result will be announced later.


Tips for Successful Adoption

Unless your target host faculty does not submit application documents by the deadline, you are not on the track of selection. Matching is the most important step to get occasion. Unsuccessful cases quite likely to occur are rushing into “already_popular” research field: Most of under-grad students tend to choose the theme which is popular even amongst under-grad education. As a result, only a couple of research groups are very crowded rushed by many applicants even on top of already fully occupied number of group members. As a general tendency, the faculties of such group are too busy to treat your application properly.

As a qualified governmental institute, JAIST is running quite germinating, inter-disciplinary researches, which might be out of the knowledge of undergraduate students, but most of such ‘future-potential/new’ research groups are left from the student’s choice because of the easy-sighted-choice as above.

Don’t be afraid to dive into new research field for you. It is never be late for you because all member starts from post-grad (we don’t have any undergrad. course). Do consider not to keep on working in the same area that you’ve worked so far.

The intern is quite short term, so it would be nice to take a look at other research field! Please look through our web site http://www.jaist.ac.jp/is/english/research/index.html to find something new for you.


Full Information of the Internship Program is available herehttp://www.jaist.ac.jp/is/labs/maezono-lab/wiki/?JASO

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