Jobs for Informatics/Computer Science graduates generally fall into three paths:


Designing and constructing software

referring to software development job such as web-based development, mobile application, security issues, interface design, and so on.

A career application path in this area represents the majority jobs of Science graduates. Many Informatics/Computer large or small software companies, large or small computer services companies, and large organisations of any sector such as in government, industry banking, education, healthcare, etc. offer career in this path.

Devising new and better ways to use computers

which refers to improvement and innovation in the application of computer technology.

This career path can involve advanced graduate work, followed by a position in a research university or industrial research and development laboratory. It can involve entrepreneurial activity such as establishing new high tech start-up company


Developing effective ways to solve computing problems

This path refers to the development of theory and algorithms to ensure the best possible solutions for computationally intensive problems such as searching information from billions of web documents, simultaneous millions of processing query, providing new approaches to security problems, etc.

This career path typically requires graduate work to the doctoral level, followed by a postion in a research universty or an industrial research and development laboratory.

Several examples of job titles include the following:

Software Engineer

to develop software for various needs.

Database Engineer / Database Warehouse

in an organization. Administrator, to plan and maintain database (including data warehouse) in an organization

Computer Network

to design a computer network architecture, including its maintenance and management in a company or organization

Web Engineer/Administrator

to plan, develop, and maintain a Website and its services.



either as a system programmer or application developer, this position has a high demand in various sectors

Software Tester

to evaluate and make sure that software runs properly according to the specified specifications


IT Consultant

to plan and evaluate IT in an organization

Game Developer

an Informatics/Computer Science graduate is also prepared to develop multimedia game softwares.


System Analyst & System Integrator

to perform system analysis in an organization or company and to provide computer software-based integrated solutions.

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