Informatics Study Program provides education on the area of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Computer Science provides education in the area of theoretical foundations of information and computing as well as of practical techniques for their applications in computer systems. Computer Science spans a wide range, from its theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bio-informatics, and other exciting areas. Computer scientist should be prepared to work in a broad range of positions involving tasks from theoretical work to software development.

Software Engineering is the discipline of developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the requirements that customers have defined for them. It seeks to integrate the principles of mathematics and computer science with the engineering practices developed for tangible, physical artifacts. Software engineers should be able to properly perform and manage activities at every stage of the life cycle of large-scale software systems.

The program’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the rapidly expanding computer field and competitive job markets. Its curriculum development is based on the curricula and courses recommendation by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer Computer Society (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


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